Your ABS Water Co-Operative staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!   The Office is open Monday through Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.   If you have an emergency call the Manager or Service operators (see phone numbers below)

Business Personnel

Manager Cindy Keyes 217-812-6339, 217-430-1517
Billings Operator Meagan Mason 217-812-6339
Operations Monitor Suvannah Flesner 217-812-6339
Attorney Lonnie Dunn 217-228-0693
Engineer Kevin Garnett, MECO Engineering 217-285-2550

Operations Personnel

ABS Service Operator Mike Pruden 217-248-6293
ABS Service Operator Greg Liesen 217-430-6627
ABS Service Operator Zach Webb 309-333-9654
ABS Service Operator Randy McCaskill 217-242-1262